Payment options

We want to give you a comfortable shopping experience in our Schlenkerla Shop. At the same time, while we are brewers by heart, we are no computer-banking experts. Hence all online payment options in our shop are handled by large external professional service companies (see below). WE do not keep any financial sensitive data like bank accounts or credit card numbers from our online customers.

Schlenkerla Shop: Secure, comfortable and reliable shopping. Schlenkerla has been around for many centuries and is "currently" being operated in the 6th family generation. We assure you a proper fullfilment of contract!

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Classic bank transfer:
You can wire the payment to our bank account. Whether you use online banking or a traditional paper form, is totally up to you. Please note: This wire transfer takes within Germany up to 5 working days. Internationally up to 12 days. The shipment of goods is delayed by that period.

PayPalQuick payment option, available in virtually all countries. Shipment of goods on the next (working) day. In addition, PayPal offers buyers protection: You can cancel your payment in case you feel betrayed by the seller. Therefore this payment option correlates with a classic invoice and payment after receipt of shipment. Additional informations & security:

Credit card:
You can use your credit card via PayPal. Registering is NOT necessary.

Direct debit (only Germany):
You can debit the payment to your bank account via PayPal. Registering is NOT necessary.

Invoicing (only Germany):
Through PayPal you can also shop on invoice. The order is sent to you directly, and you pay AFTER you have received the shipment.