Shipping costs

Because of the relatively high weight of bottles and glasses, and the risk of breakage, we send at most 20 kg per package (equal to 20 bottles/glasses/mugs). If you e.g. order 40 bottles, you will hence receive 2 packages and shipping is calculated twice. To optimize shipping costs, we therefore recommend to order multiples of 20 (20 / 40 / 60 etc.). For very light orders (e.g. beer coasters) we send in large letters. Party kegs can be sent up to 4 pieces per package. Please note: Currently we only ship within the EU.

If you have any questions, we are of course at your disposal anytime.

Collection by customer:
Collection by the customer in the smoked beer brewery Schlenkerla, "Heller-Bräu" Trum GmbH, Oberer Stephansberg 27-33, 96049 Bamberg, Germany. Opening hours: Mo-Th 7:00-15:30 and Fr. 7:00-12:30

DHL Packet:
Price per packet with up to 20 bottles/glasses/mugs or up to 4 party kegs. Item mixing is possible.
Notice: our shipping service partner has risen prices for some countries in early 2016. We unfortunately have to pass on these prices.

  • Germany: EUR 6,90
  • Europe Zone 1: Denemark, France, Austria
    EUR 13,90
  • Europe Zone 2: Italy, Slovenia
    EUR 16,90
  • Europe Zone 3: Belgium, Luxemburg, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Tschech. Rep
    EUR 15,90 (10x bottles/glasses/mugs)
    EUR 20,40 (20x bottles/glasses/mugs)
    EUR 36,80 (4 partykegs)
  • Europe Zone 4: Spain, Great Britain
    EUR 23,90
  • Europe Zone 5: Andorra, Slowakia, Hungary, San Marino, Vatikanstadt, Bulgaria, Estonia, Kroatien, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Portugal, Rumänien, Zypern
    EUR 18,90 (10x bottles/glasses/mugs)
    EUR 26,90 (20x bottles/glasses/mugs)
    EUR 45,80 (4 partykegs)
  • Europe Zone 6: Greece, Ireland
    EUR 26,90

Large letter:
only for beer coasters, calender, vouchers etc.

  • Germany: EUR 2,20
    per letter of 900g
  • Europe and world: EUR 3,50
    per letter of 500g
The estimated shipping costs can only be used if the basket is not empty.